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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day, but it has felt very long indeed. In fact, half past 2 this afternoon seemed to last about 3 hours. Such is the way when you work in a department where every other team does a fraction of the work that yours does.

I had a present to open tonight. As you may know, I don't celebrate Christmas but I do observe the solstices. Today a friend at work came bouncing up to me waving a wrapped gift in my face and said "I know you don't do Christmas, and this isn't something that means you have to get me anything in return, but you know when you see something and you just know who would really love that thing? Well I saw this and knew it was for you!"

This particular friend has had a rough year with her health having being diagnosed as epileptic, and her father currently has cancer. She is though, one of the most sociable people I know and we go out for lunch every 6 weeks or so for a good gossip. She is celebrating a birthday next month that she has decided will be her 30th (*cough*) and I am desperately looking for some rust-coloured mohair yarn to make her an orangutang with but that's another blog post!

Butterflies are very symbolic, and they are something I strongly associate with both my mum and my friend Ciel. I have just opened the gift to find a writing set inside a cover that has butterflies all over it.

I believe that the Gods talk to us in ways they think we will understand. I believe many people go through life ignoring the Gods simply because they don't listen. Both my mum and Ciel promised that if there was any way for them to communicate after they died, they would find it and I would know.

Today, I know. Message received loud and clear.

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