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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Knitting like a maniac

As well as working of course and doing a big spring clean of my home after my daughter and her boyfriend moved into their own place, I have been so busy over the past couple of weeks with small knitting projects.

It's that time of year when friends of ours celebrate Yule as well as Christmas, and traditionally between friends we swap small handmade gifts. I took delivery a couple of weeks ago of a large box of assorted yarns as a gift from a friend, and what a treasure trove it has been! So far, I have completed:

* a tri-colour beanie hat
* a set of tree ornaments
* a bamboo yarn scarf
* an amigurami unicorn (a Secret Santa gift for someone at work)
* a pair of boys mittens in gorgeous hand-spun yarn
* a little girl's beanie hat with crochet flower trim

The yarn talks. This may sound odd to those who don't do fibre crafts, but each ball or skein of yarn knows what it wants to be and who it wants to go to. Most are single balls, and some less than whole, but all were chosen originally by my friend Ciel and now I can feel her selecting and suggesting again as I pick through the box.

Next on the list is a plain pair of socks for myself, before I launch into a another doll and a baby blanket as our grandson is going to become a big brother in a couple of months time.

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