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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Complicated family ties

Ours is not a normal family (define "normal" anyway), and we're not even a normal blended family as people like to refer to these days. We're really just a group of people, slowly expanding and tied together (losely for the most part, but some tightly and strongly) by blood and desire. We've got adoptions, second (and third) marriages, kids, step kids, grand kids, new partners, old partners and plenty of skeletons and ghosts as well.

Sometimes it's hard to deal with. No, most of the time it is hard. But sometimes there are bright sparkly bits as well that make you feel like you are doing this for some purpose other than your own needs.

My ex-step-daughter-in-law-to-be (get your head round that one!) will very soon be having a baby girl. I am blessed that she keeps in touch with me - it would be so easy and convenient for her to not to, given the tenuous nature of our connection. So today I have finished a cot blanket for her and the baby in the purple and white colour combination she requested:

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