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Monday, 10 February 2014

New horizons

While this blog is principally about my husband and myself, we do also have kids (not together) and their antics naturally impact on our lives too.

This month, my daughter and her boyfriend have made some big changes. After both being made redundant last December, both managed to find new jobs within a few weeks - something my husband and I are extremely proud of them for achieving as the economic climate is not helpful to youngsters at the moment and so many of their friends have struggled to find even part-time work.

My daughter got a job in specialist animal care, something she has always wanted to do and a big change from retail. But the job is in another city, and while it is only about 40 miles as the crow flies, our crows generally don't use public transport! As her job was the one with better prospects, the kids have moved to that city and are now no longer within about 5 miles of me here.

She and I haven't always lived together, or near to each other, but the past 4 years or so that she has been up here have been good. I'm going to miss seeing her as frequently, but it is an excellent opportunity for them both and the little house they are renting is lovely and suits them very well. Trying not to spend a lot of money on them helping them to move and settle in has been a bit difficult for me - I want to spend what I have on them, but I also have to cover my next trip to see my husband in a couple of months time.

I have plenty to keep myself occupied though. I have almost finished spinning some soy silk and silk noil yarn called Dragonfly that I hope to put up for sale this week. The colours are strong and the yarn is very soft but also very strong too. And I have taken delivery of about a kilo of Gotland fleece which I am very excited about. It too is very soft now that it has been scoured, and I can't wait for it to dry out completely so that I can start carding and spinning it.

Two young girls I know are pregnant and expecting their babies this summer, so I have lots of knitting to be getting on with, and there is still that handspun, hand dyed project for myself that I am knitting with a hope of wearing when I see hubby next. I'd better get on with it all!