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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sunset Commission due to review TDCJ - you can have your say!

Once every 12 years, the Sunset Commission review TDCJ and TYC. The Sunset Advisory Commission was created by the Texas Legislature in 1977 to systematically review all of the state agencies and give recommendations to eliminate waste and inefficiencies. This year the spotlight is on the Texas Department for Criminal Justice and the Texas Youth Commission.

Anyone involved with TDCJ and TYC in any capacity can contact the Sunset Commission with their thoughts, ideas, stories and suggestions for improvement - indeed, that is what the Sunset process is all about. It gives the public a rare opportunity to voice their concerns to an organisation specifically set up to take notice of them.

How to get involved
The Sunset Commission has prepared a questionnaire that you can fill in and return. You can also write, email or phone the Sunset Commission with your information.

For more details and addresses etc, check out the official flyer by clicking HERE You may want to print out some copies and circulate them at your church, workplace, local store or anywhere else that lots of people pass through.

Many people are ashamed of having a loved one in prison. You may not know about their circumstances because they do not want to go public about it. This should NOT be a reason for them to miss out on taking part in the review process. The more visible the flyers are, the greater chance that positive recommendations that aid inmates and their families in Texas will be the result.

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