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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Medical benefits of doll therapy

It would seem that I am not the only one who feels doll therapy is a worth while form of treatment for mental conditions. A report from a medical centre in Pennsylvania earlier this year indicates that patients with dementia and other mental health problems seem to be calmer and more responsive when given dolls to hold.

Medicinenet.com article here

Engineers in Japan have also been investigating the benefits of dolls when given to elderly or mentally ill people. The Babyloid weighs roughly the same as a human baby and can move its arms, yet it is a robot and has a non-human face. Again, patients are said to be able to improve their emotional responses after holding the Babyloid.

It has been a long-established practice to give children who have suffered trauma dolls to interact with during therapy and investigation sessions. But when given to dementia sufferers, the outcome is often a reduction in aggression and distress which can lead to reducing the amount of psychotropic drugs that are administered to the individuals. Not only is that good for the patient, it is also a hugely cost-effective form of treatment.

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