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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

TDCJ inmate medical tax - update info

I know, 2 posts in a single day, but some things are important to talk about.

I previously blogged about the new law in Texas that allows TDCJ to charge inmates a fee (or TAX, seeing as inmate families are the ones who generally put the money into the inmate trust fund accounts) of $100 every year, for medical care. This fee is to be taken directly from the inmate's trust fund as soon as the inmate initiates a medical call. If the inmate does not have $100 in their account, TDCJ will take 50% of every deposit into the inmate's account until the $100 has been paid for that year.

TDCJ have posted notices in units across the state to inform inmates of the change. You can read the poster information HERE in English and if you prefer Spanish or want to download and print for someone who does, then the Spanish version is here.

I'd be interested to hear how others are planning to make the payments - in a single sum or by allowing TDCJ to take half of any deposit made? Does your inmate intend to make more visits to medical now that they will have to pay so much more?

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