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Sunday, 9 April 2017

March: Kenyan tea

A little late I know, but for reasons that I might explain in a separate post. Anyway, during March I was drinking mostly tea from Kenya.

Tea is not native to Kenya, or indeed most of Africa. It was first grown in Limuru, Kenya in 1903. Of course Rooibos is grown in Africa and brewed and served much as traditional black tea is around the world, but that is a different plant species.

In 1923, Brooke Bond sent a representative to Kenya to begin the first commercial tea plantation in the country. Since then, Kenya has overtaken China and India in tea production and around 90% of Kenyan tea is now exported yearly. Kenyan tea is the principal ingrediant in the 'PG Tips' blend for loose leaf and tea bags and is often used in generic 'Breakfast tea' blends.

Kenyan tea, as anyone who has sampled PG Tips will know, makes a robust cuppa with good flavour that carries milk well.

I decided not to stick with PG Tips though, so this month I have been drinking:
Some others you might like to try:


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