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Monday, 9 February 2015

Sad? No way!

(or How To Make Your Birthday Last A Week).

Yes, it's my birthday this week, and as usual I have taken the week off work. Why anyone would want to work on their birthday is beyond me; it's the first date I book for leave every year and I have no intention of working on my birthday ever. So there!

I have had a couple of comments recently, from well-meaning friends and colleagues, along the lines of, "It must be hard when your husband can't celebrate your birthday with you". Isn't it odd how people make assumptions? Of all the 365 days in each year, birthdays are no more or less hard than any other day. Him not being here (or being there) is just how it's always been for us.

To me, birthdays are more important than other national or religious holidays. In our family they have always been the day when the birthday person gets to choose what to have for tea, and what to watch on telly. We also tend to spin our birthdays out too, covering as many days as possible. In previous years I've been to gigs, exhibitions and on general adventures in the days before and after my birthday. If week-long celebrations were good enough for the Romans....

My husband is very good at getting his cards to arrive before the actual day. I have no idea how he manages it, given the number of different hands our mail passes through and the inevitable delays and disappearances. My birthday envelope arrived at the end of last week, and I have been very good and not opened it yet.

Of course most people associate birthday with presents. I get enough from my friends and other family, I'm not in need of anything more from my husband. If the giving of gifts was a requirement of mine for a successful relationship, I really shouldn't have married him! And at least this way, I don't have to share my chocolates, or worry that the flowers I treated myself to this afternoon will bring on his allergies.

We are focused on our next visit now in a few weeks, so this week is more a time to get practical stuff like dental appointments and boiler servicing done than being too extravagant. I am visiting Oxford later this week with my daughter and we are going to the William Blake exhibition at the Ashmolean, and for burgers at Atomic Burger down the Cowley Road.

I have no need to ask for more.


  1. All TDCJ inmates are offered a health check with a doctor every year. They will usually receive a lay-in pass for the health check. The checks may be face-to-face with a doctor in the room, or by video link with an off-site doctor.

    This is the inmate's opportunity to raise any concerns they may have about their general health or specific issues they may be having. It is also a good time to ask the doctor to check any moles or freckles, and hard to see places (top of head, back and backs of thighs, for example) for signs of skin cancer - something more common in males on their backs because they spend more time with their shirts off outside in the freeworld. Some older inmates may also have a prostate examination (a few uncomfortable moments that could save their life).

    The inmate will be weighed, measured, have their blood pressure taken, and can request prescription medication to be reviewed.

    These yearly health checks are not charged for via the inmate medical fee.

    Please don't perpetuate lies, only 50+ male inmates are offered "free" yearly physicals, if they ask for glasses or to have a refill of something that is subject to the $100 copay they will be charged. Female inmates are offered a yearly physical and Pap smear but again if they raise something charge eligible the inmate is charged

  2. Hi Anon

    Clearly you are responding to a different post, but I will answer you here anyway. My husband has had yearly medical health checks for the past ten years - before he reached the age of 50.

    The health check itself is free. As you say, if they need any supplies, then they will be charged under the $100 fee system - if they have not already paid the $100 for that year.

    There are no lies in my post.


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