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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Major case update

It was what we expected. Dropped a line class, 30 day recreation and commisarry restriction (excluding hygiene and stationary supplies), 30 day job relocation to medical orderly (which in effect means 30 days of doing nothing because they rarely require any extra help in medical).

Could have been a LOT worse.

The thing is, hubby was thinking about changing jobs anyway. He's been working the food service line for 6 years now and the hussling and squabbling of the other inmates really gets him down. So he now has 30 days to decide whether he wants to go back to it, or to request a job doing something else (but not hoe squad and not laundry). In the long run, this could be a good thing, and probably not what the Captain had in mind as a punishment.

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  1. well, i'm glad no bigidty deal came of it, and for the record, medications such as zantac are now being sold in the commissary. Such OTCs in the US have this caveat on them "use of this product for longer than 10 days should be on the advice of your physician or health care provider". Zantac does bother the liver you know, not that many truly healthy livers behind bars

    you can call me two pence if you'd like

    tup for short


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