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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Good Girl / Bad Girl silent auction for Resolana

The silent auction runs from midnight 1 October 2011 until midday 31 October 2011 (GMT).

All the details are here http://lookingforthecabinbythelake.blogspot.com/p/good-girl-bad-girl-silent-auction-for.html or just look to your right > at the page links.

And as a taster, here are Amanda and Mandy:

Starting bid is $30 / £20 - winning bidder gets BOTH dolls!

1 comment:

  1. As founder of Resolana, a nonprofit that works to educate and empower women at Dallas County Jail in Dallas, Texas, I'm honored to have the amazing Amanda and Mandy dolls available in auction.

    We work with children's safety scissors and materials that have gotten hard-won approved for use in the jail. We end up with some great discussions and poignant dolls, but frankly none can match the wonderful details of these. Thanks to Silva for her incredible doll making!

    You can learn more about Resolana's work with incarcerated women at www.resolana.info. You can see some of the dolls that have been made by inmates and supporters here in Texas at that website or at www.resolanamusic.com.


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