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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Spreading the word

I've been doing some guest blogging this week for our friends at the Improve TX Citizens Coalition blog. The Improve TX blog covers issues related to TDCJ, and currently has a couple of petitions that you can sign. One is asking for TDCJ inmates to be permitted to make overseas calls on the new inmate phone system (a subject close to our hearts), another is to limit the current 40% kickback that Securus receives as part of its deal to provide the TDCJ inmate phone system, and the third petition is to allow inmates to receive wedding bands if they marry after they enter TDCJ, and to allow weddings to be carried out on TDCJ property. Currently inmates can only retain a wedding band if they have it at intake, and all inmate weddings must be conducted as proxy weddings.

Check out my guest post here.

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