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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Alternative style #2: Calling all posers!

I have a friend (well, I have lots of friends) who is a tallented photographer. She has her own business based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, Lisa Fellows Photography, and much of her work so far has been centrered around wedding photography. She has a real knack for capturing candid shots, as you can see from some of the images on her web site. She also has a sister company focusing on childrens portrait photography, Logan & Letty, so she is pretty busy with her art at the moment!

We were talking the other day about alternative lifestyles, off the back of my previous blog post. Lisa is pagan like me, and used to be heavily into the Goth scene having grown up in Whitby on the east coast of England. We were discussing the various types of alternative, how they are lived and not just put on at weekends, and how there are probably more people living an alternative lifestyle than most would expect.

As a result, Lisa would love to do some portfolio work with individuals, couples, families and groups who live any kind of alternative lifestyle. It doesn't have to be weddings (although that would be great, Lisa would have to charge for her time, at a reduced rate for anyone who mentions seeing this blog post); the whole idea of alternative lifestyle photography is to capture the kinds of activities that make up that particular lifestyle.

For example, if your family is into all things from the 1950s and you spend your evenings and weekends dancing to Buddy Holly or riding Lambrettas around your local town, that's what Lisa wants to depict. Another example would be families who are very involved with the Scouting movement. For individuals, perhaps you have a love of falconry and you keep your own raptors, or you may be the next teenage Lewis Hamilton and spend every moment away from school or college driving around racetracks or under the bonnet of a high-powered racing car.

It's not just about dressing up. It's about your lifestyle. Having said that though, it doesn't matter what alternative lifestyle you lead, Lisa is very good at bringing out the best and most flattering side of anyone and you will end up with a small set of images to remind you of the experience. If you want to purchase some prints or have the set mounted in an album, Lisa also has some very attractive package deals.

So here's your chance to be imortalised on (digital) film. Interested? Then drop Lisa a line by email here or give her a call on 07963 936620 and tell her Silva sent you.

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